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Dr. Chanda Pilgrim - Licenced Psychologist, Author, Poet, Speaker

Dr. Pilgrim is a psychologist with 20+  years of experiences in counseling and testing. Her services addresses the mind, body and spirit.   Her psychological evaluations are diagnostic, therapeutic and motivational.    (see below)

Clear Trauma

Dr. Pilgrim is certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy, an easy method of  reducing and eliminating trauma in a non-threatening manner.  People have been amazed they can talk about their old traumas and not be traumatized.

Writer, Poet, Public Speaker

The passion to heal others with her words extends beyond the boundaries of the counseling session to her books and poems (or as she calls them poetic prayers). 

Psychological Testing

Gifted Placement

Do you think your child belongs in the gifted classes, you can have your child tested individually and (hopefully) prove what you know to be true.  The testing can be used for admission to MENSA

ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Do you or your child have a hard time paying attention in class. Do you find no matter how hard you try you just can't get it.  Private testing can figure out the problems and generate solutions for you to share with your school.

Immigration N-648

Do you have a family member who is struggling to pass the citizenship exam.  With a diagnosis you can get a waiver and still become a citizen.


Blessings from the Lessons

Sara Flow is a world famous motivational speaker, but what gave her the ability to be so successful. Abused as a child, neglected as a wife, when she couldn't take it any more, God showed her that those challenges were lessons and when the lessons were learned she was free to receive the blessings God had in store for her.

Leaving Lack and Limitation, Revealing Balanced Abundance: The Power of Words

This little book explains why words are powerful and how to use your words to create the life you want. We learn that talking about what we don't want brings what we don't want to us. 

Poetic Prayers (excerpt from "Deliverance" )

  Defeated is the word that I believe I have used That describes the way I make myself feel abused I value my integrity, my honor, my word, But still there are times that it all seems absurd You see right now I am in the place of growth And I must deal with the feelings differently, it is time for rebirth ...

copyrighted 2/2016 

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