I am now offering tele-therapy. It is important for us at UP Therapy to ensure  that you can receive services even when there is a need for social distancing.  The platform that I have chose to use is called Theralink.  You can schedule an appointment by clicking on this link.


You can find forms and information regarding consent and we are using telemental health.  The Intake form below will document that you have reviewed and understand these forms. If you have questions please contact me. 

Client Welcome Online (pdf)


Client Intake package (pdf)


HIPAA Authorization Template (pdf)


Intake form

COVID-19 Resources

You know something amazing? We are living/making history right now! I find it interesting to see all the changes taking place.  Yet  I understand this time can be scary and unsure and challenging for everyone.  Below are some files  with great information  about what to do now that it is Caronavirus time.

If you need any educational resources check out this list:  http://www.amazingeducationalresources.com/ 

Check out fun activities at:  https://mommypoppins.com/family/coronavirus-pandemic-update-indoor-activities-resources-kids